Our Health Journey

How we became warriors of our health, our wealth, and our lives

We are partners in everything we do; work, home, and play.  Parents of two little girls, we decided to take our lives and our philosophy into our own hands.  That means creating the life that we want on our terms, our way.  The first goals were of course were to be abundantly healthy so we could lead by example,  achieve time freedom and financial freedom to pursue our passion of educating our community on the power of being a WARRIOR; in truth, in health, and in physicality.  After running our own martial arts academy for 7 years teaching the way of the Warrior using ancient philosophy and modern day self-defence strategies, we found ourselves at a roadblock:  we had neither the time nor the financial freedom we wanted in order to grow the Truth Warrior movement.  More hours were put into our business than what we were able to benefit from, and with the small business market changing drastically, we were nowhere close to financial freedom either.   How can we integrate our passion and our business together so that we can achieve maximum results?  This was the question.  And it started with Usana.

We signed on with Usana at first to provide an incredible supplement to our fighters and athletes at our martial arts club.  This was achieved right away.  Students were eager to try this incredibly effective supplement to supply them with optimal cellular energy and health.  We endorsed Usana because we were taking it as well.  We were living proof that cellular health meant less injury, less sickness, higher energy output, and maximum power in our practice.  The kids benefited as well as their parents.  Our martial arts business was up and down.  It had high times, and it had low times.  In between we started our own radio show called Truth Warrior to help empower people in our community and the world to defend themselves with a strong mind, body, and spirit -- against any opponent -- such as bullies at home, school, or in the workplace.  Combining the Truth Warrior and Health Warrior, we realized we could do more with Usana.

What we've found is that people needed help both psychologically and spiritually to attract the positive things they want in their lives.  We are living in a tumultuous time with a system that can enslave people to think only one way.  Usana was the key to helping those that were seeking more from life in order to pursue their passions, just as we did.  Our reach is far greater now with a vehicle like Usana.  It has given us the time and financial freedom to help others see Usana as a vehicle towards their own passion and how to better express themselves as they create the life that they love.

No hype, no gimmick, no quota, just results.  Protect your family and your home with this incredible vehicle for change.  Change the vibration, change the intention, change the outcome.  Everything from your health to a home tax-shelter so you can live life the way you’ve always wanted to.  With love and freedom. 

If you’re ready to become a Health Warrior and you would like something to change, let us start a conversation that will really help you achieve results.  Become a Warrior for change:   in the world and at home.